14 techniques to wean your dog from chewing on everything

dog chewing on a toy

Chewing is a completely normal behavior for dogs of all ages. Both wild and domestic dogs can chew bones for hours. Thanks to this activity, they get strong jaws and clean teeth. While chewing is normal, dogs sometimes point their teeth at inappropriate objects. This article will discuss the reasons why dogs gnaw at things and how to wean a dog from chewing everything.

Why dogs love chewing on everything

It is difficult to find an owner whose dog hasn’t spoiled something with its sharp teeth at least once. It may seem to someone that the dog is chewing on furniture, clothes, shoes or any other master’s things because of simple pampering. However, there are actually many more reasons:

-Puppies gnaw all around during the period of tooth change, when the gums are very aching. And dogs are interested not only in tablecloths from tables or, for example, upholstery. They can easily massage the gums by biting the wearer’s hands;

– Puppies gnaw and lick tissue surfaces at very early weaning. This behavior occurs in babies less than 2 months old;

puppy chewing on a brash

-By biting everything around, puppies get to know the world around them. At the same time, they not only taste the object that interests them, but also use a keen sense of smell and sight;

-Adult dogs like to bite their owner’s belongings, wanting to clean their teeth from plaque and strengthen their jaws;

-By attacking the master’s things, the animal is simply having fun. Let’s say the dog grabbed a shoe, bit it a little and rushed with it to the other end of the apartment. The owner, naturally, starts after the dog; the pet has a lot of fun from such running;

-It also happens that a dog gnawed at furniture or stripped wallpaper from the walls, wishing to attract the attention of the owner . The animal simply makes it clear to the owner that it is bored, that the time has come to communicate;

-Animals behave badly under stress. They can gnaw at things, howl, bark for no reason, run around the room to and fro, and refuse to eat or eat in excess of the norm;

-Sometimes, dogs start chewing on things because of hunger. Items that smell of food are especially interesting for a hungry animal (for example, a kitchen table, empty bowls, a trash can with the remains of lunch, etc.).

puppy chewing on a toy

How to wean a dog from the bad habit of chewing everything

It is quite obvious that you will have to wean the dog from chewing everything in any case. Not only does the animal spoil things, it also risks its own health. So, for example, licking and biting dirty street shoes, the dog can catch an infection. Consider in what ways you can discourage your pet from the bad habit of trying everything to the teeth:

1-Both puppies and adult dogs should have a variety of suitable and attractive chew toys. Whenever you see that your dog is about to chew something it shouldn’t, redirect its attention to a suitable chew toy. And then be sure to praise your pet if it takes the right toy in its mouth;

2-Do not chase the dog if it grabs something and runs away. If you chase it, you will only give the dog what it needs. Being a haunted master is fun! Instead, offer it a treat in exchange for an item;

3-Strong odors such as citrus, red pepper, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, ammonia will help protect furniture from the dog. If your pet spoils the wallpaper, you can regularly sprinkle it with alcohol. And along the furniture, you can arrange small bowls of pepper;

4- Almost all dogs do not like loud sounds. And this can be used to wean the animal from biting. As soon as the pet grabs something forbidden, the owner will need to emit a loud cry (you can also use a whistle or clap your hands hard). The trick with a loud sound must be done every time the animal begins to gnaw on something;

5-Special sprays for correcting the behavior of animals are something that can be applied to prevent the dog from chewing on furniture. Such sprays include, for example, “Beaphar Anti Knabbel”, “Mr. Fresh Protection from bites” or “Mr. Bruno No problems”. Naturally, do not expect a miracle that the dog will stop spoiling things after the first application of the spray. Sometimes such “anti-gnaws” have to be sprayed on furniture, walls and other surfaces every day for 1-2 months;

6-To prevent the dog from spoiling shoes and clothes, hats, umbrellas and bags, it is better to keep them in a closet with tightly closed doors. Soiled laundry should also be stored in a lidded basket, out of the reach of the animal. Gadgets, glasses, wallets, jewelry boxes should be kept on the highest shelf of the closet, where the dog cannot reach;

7-Earlier it was mentioned that sometimes the dog spoils the furniture, wallpaper, shoes and clothes of the owner due to a banal lack of communication. It is not enough just to feed your pet and take it for a short walk. The animal requires daily communication with the owner. In your free time you need to play funny games with the dog, caress it, and talk to it. In other words, you need to be friends with the animal;

8-Sometimes the best way to stop a dog from chewing on things is to exercise physically. In an exhausted dog, the desire to gnaw everything is either very weak, or does not arise at all;

9-If your puppy starts chewing on things while changing teeth, it needs rubber teethers. They can be made in a laconic style in the form of a simple donut, or they can be equipped with squeaks, rattles or fabric inserts. Whenever a baby takes a forbidden thing in its mouth (for example, wires, slippers, a towel, etc.), you  needs to offer it a teether toy.

As soon as the little dog takes the toy, it certainly needs to be treated to something tasty and praised. It is important to remember that it is not enough to just put the toy on the floor. The animal must be interested. That is, it is worth teasing the pet a little with a new thing that can be gnawed without a twinge of conscience;

10- Do not give your pet old shoes, clothes or any other items that have expired to play with. The animal in the future will not be able to distinguish new shoes from worn ones, and an unnecessary advertising magazine from a valuable book;

11- You can save wires from sharp canine teeth by securing them at a height that the animal cannot reach. You can also save wires with cable channels;

dog chewing on a toy

12-It is much easier to bring up your four-legged friend to the owner who spends most of the time at home. But what if the owner spends the lion’s share of the day at work or at school? If your dog spoils furniture or other things alone? In such a situation, it is reasonable to place the animal in a small home enclosure.

 On the territory entrusted to the pet, there must be a bowl of water and several toys for entertainment, perhaps it is also worth placing a tray there. But the owner should remember that the presence of the dog in the enclosure is a necessary and temporary measure. You should not keep the dog locked up around the clock;

13-Dogs know perfectly well when their owners are angry with them. It is quite appropriate to punish the prankster by severely scolding it and ignoring its calls to play. But such educational measures will lead to success only in those situations when literally a few seconds have passed since the damage of a thing . The animal will be able to realize guilt immediately after the trick, but not in a few days or even hours;

14-If the dog is chewing on everything, but no educational measures on the part of the owner are effective, you may have to seek help from a professional dog handler. The specialist will certainly be able to teach the dog good manners, and even give the owner valuable advice on raising the animal at home.