Preparing for the birth of puppies: helpful tips

newborn puppies

Having puppies in the house can be a joyous event. At this stage, it is extremely important to provide good care for both the puppies and their mother. This allows the mother and puppies to stay healthy and feel safe. The tips in this article will help you prepare for the birth of your puppies .

Preparing the delivery box

1-Choose a box that will fit your dog’s size. This box will be your dog’s birthplace. Make sure this box is warm and has enough room for the mother and puppies.

The box must have 4 sides and a bottom. It should be about twice as large as the space the mother needs to lie down. This box should fit your dog and newborn puppies. So make sure that you have enough space.

The walls should be high enough so that the puppies cannot get out of the box, but low enough so that the mother can jump in and out without difficulty.


You can purchase a birthing box at most pet stores. You can also use a cardboard box or make a hardboard or plywood box. Take two large boxes, for example, from a TV and some other device. Join the two boxes together by removing one side that creates a baffle between them. You will end up with a large box.

2-Provide enough space for the puppies. Puppies need enough space to prevent their mother from lying on top of them, as this can have serious consequences. You can make a demarcation in the box to create an area for the puppies. To do this, you need a wooden board about 10 centimeters high.

You can use the broom handle to make a puppy fence.

This is especially important if the puppies are over two weeks old and are more mobile.

3-Line the bottom of the box. Line the bottom with newspapers and thick towels. You can also use fabrics for dogs that absorb liquid well.


4-Place a heated mat on the bottom of the box. After you have prepared the box for puppies, place a heated mat in it. After the puppies are born, you will turn on this mat so the puppies can keep warm while they are away from their mother.

An alternative to a heated rug is a lamp placed at an angle. However, the lamp is a dry heat source and can dry out puppies’ skin. If you are using a lamp, check the puppies’ skin regularly. It shouldn’t be red and dry. If you notice these symptoms on their skin, remove the lamp.

Make sure to use a hot water bottle that is wrapped in a towel in order to provide temporary warmth.

5-Make sure your dog feels like it is in a hiding place in the box. This is especially important during childbirth. The dog should feel safe; the process of childbirth will be less painful. You can use a towel or blanket for this.


6-Place the box in a quiet room. During childbirth, the dog should not be distracted by extraneous noises. So choose a quiet room.

7-Place food and water near the box. Food and water should be kept as close as possible to the box where the dog is. Of course, you can still put food and water in your dog’s usual place, but if it’s time to give birth, make sure that the water and food are near the box so that the dog has easier access to them.

Preparing for the birth of puppies

1-Let your dog explore the box. At least 2 weeks before giving birth, introduce your dog to the box. Make sure you put it in a quiet place. Your dog will tend to be more in a quiet, secluded place.


2-Place your dog’s favorite treats in the box. To help your dog get used to the box, put something in the box that it loves. Thanks to this, the box will be associated with silence and delicious food.

3-Let your dog choose a birthing site. Don’t worry if she doesn’t prefer the box you made. She will choose a place where she feels safe. This space can be behind the sofa or under the bed. If your dog is safe, leave her alone.

If you try to move your dog into a box you made, it can negatively affect the birthing process. This can make labor slow down or even stop it.

4-Prepare your flashlight. If your dog is choosing a birthing spot under the bed or behind the couch, you may need a flashlight. Thanks to this you will be able to follow her.


5-Keep your veterinarian’s phone number handy. You can enter the vet’s number into your phone’s notebook or hang it on the refrigerator. If an emergency arises, you can quickly contact your veterinarian.

Be sure to ask your veterinarian if they can be contacted if the labor comes at night.

6-Make sure that at least one adult is present during labor. It is very important to control the birth process. This person should be very familiar with the dog. Do not let strangers into the room where the dog is giving birth. This can distract the dog and affect the birthing process itself.

7-Do not invite visitors to watch puppies.Your dog should be fully focused on the birthing process. Do not invite neighbors, children, or friends to watch the dog’s labor. This will distract the dog from labor and may slow down the process of delivering.

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