The cat screams at night: what to do?

cat screams

Cats are amazing creatures and it is simply impossible not to love them! However, even the cutest pet can bring the owner to white heat. For example, if it makes it a rule to yell at night, so loudly that you can say goodbye to sleep! What is the reason for this habit?

The cat screams at night: reasons

Hormonal surges.

If your pet is not neutered, it is likely that a hormonal boom is the cause of the nocturnal scream. Cats often start screaming in the spring. They feel the call of instincts, hear the screams of relatives from the window, and it seems that romantic moods soar in the air – is it really possible to sit still? Here the pet worries and starts to screams, demanding that the owner let it go in search of a soul mate. But this, of course, is not worth doing.

Cats that have learned mating scream even more loudly than their “innocent” brethren. It is a mistake to believe that it is enough to take your pet “on a date” once a year, and it will be calm. Nature has much more impressive appetites, and cats need to be bred much more often. Therefore, if the pet is not involved in breeding, it is wiser to resort to sterilization.

cat screaming

But why does a castrated cat scream at night? After the operation, the hormonal background does not level out immediately, and the behavior returns to normal gradually. However, if you delayed the procedure and the cat is already accustomed to serenading under the door, it will be much more difficult to wean it from this.


Boredom is an equally common cause of cats screaming at night. Cats are nocturnal animals. When the whole house is asleep, they have nowhere to put themselves to, no one to run after, and no one to “talk” to and play with. So they express their longing as best they can.

Attempts to attract attention.

Some pets are real manipulators. Perhaps they believe that it is harmful for the owner to sleep all night, and correct the situation with their vocal exercises. Of course, they would be more happy if the owner woke up happy and played a teaser with them. But if you run after the cat around the apartment with a newspaper in hand, that’s also good. Surprisingly, there are many cats in the world who adore such “catch-up”. After all, even if it flies in the priest, the goal has already been achieved!

Kittens at night concerts express longing for their mother, seek attention and protection, because being alone are stressed. This behavior wears off as they get older.

The cat wants to go for a walk.

Sometimes the owners themselves provoke unwanted behavior in their pets. For example, yesterday you decided to take your cat for a walk in the yard “just like that”, not aiming at regular walks. But the cat liked it, and now it is bored sitting in the apartment. Hence the screams under the door take place.

cat screams


Unfortunately, serious illnesses can also cause cat screams. The cat feels unwell, feels anxious, and possibly pain, which is expressed by a cry. Other symptoms usually indicate the disease. In any case, it is better to play it safe and take the cat to an appointment at the veterinary clinic.

Each of us likes to think that everything is always under our control. But do not forget that pets are living creatures with their own characteristics and needs, and with their own nature. And they may disagree with us in many ways! If your cat’s “bad” behavior seems unreasonable to you, it doesn’t have to be. Study the habits of the pet, observe it and do not forget that you always, under any circumstances, remain a family and a team!

How to stop a cat from screaming at night?

Check with your veterinarian.

Has your pet always been calm and slept soundly at night, but suddenly started yelling at night? Talk to your veterinarian before starting parenting. It will help you determine the cause of the “bad” behavior and tell you what action to take. Possibly recommend safe sedatives or heat treatments.

Only a veterinarian can prescribe sedatives and hormonal agents (like any other medication) to a cat. Do not engage in amateur performances!


If the reason for the night concerts lies in the hormonal surge, and you do not plan to engage in breeding, it’s time to think about castration. After this procedure, your pet’s character will only improve. And most importantly, it will no longer suffer from unsatisfied instincts.

a cat screams

Please note that for the first time after castration, the cat can continue its vocal exercises. But gradually the hormonal background will level out, and this habit is likely to remain in the past.

The ideal time for the procedure is 1 year. Late surgery may not resolve behavioral problems, as the habits of adult cats become firmly established.


Because of boredom, cats scream as often as because of sexual desire. In this situation, special night toys for cats will help you. The more there are, the better. Your goal is to provide your cat with fun activities to keep it busy while you sleep.

Active pastime during the day and evening.

Another proven method is to “wear down” the cat during the day and especially before bed. Make it run and jump properly, take it out for a walk, if possible, do not let it sleep during the day. The more the cat gets tired during the day, the better it will sleep at night.

Hearty dinner.

A hearty late dinner is a tricky move that always works. You can reduce the portions slightly during the day, and serve a hefty portion at night. Tired and full, your cat may well sleep until the alarm clock!

Get another cat.

The cat misses the nights and you can’t think of how to entertain him? Perhaps it’s time to get another cat? In most cases, there are far fewer problems from two cats than from one. They are almost always busy with each other!

If the kitten screams

Kittens scream because of the stress of separation from their mother, adaptation to new conditions and longing for the owner. Don’t worry, this will go away with time. In the meantime, try to distract the baby with interesting toys, give it a cozy couch with high sides (they create associations with its mother’s side), spend as much time with your kitten as possible. Kittens are like children, and they also need our care and protection.

a cat screaming

What cannot be done?

Even if the cat has brought you to white heat, it should never be beaten. If you are completely unbearable, you can click on the nose, hit the butt with a rolled newspaper, or spray with water from a spray bottle. However, we will disappoint you: there will be no sense from these actions. The pet will either hide behind the sofa and scream from there, or continue its concert as soon as you go back to bed.

The main thing is to understand that the cat does not scream to spite you. As strange as it may seem to us, it has reasons for ora. And it is impossible to eliminate them by punishment.

But what the punishment will lead to is to worsen the relationship between you. Cats are very intelligent and vindictive creatures. They can deeply take offense at the owners, “take revenge”, and in the worst case, they will start to fear and avoid you. Do not lead to this!

Felines live by their own laws. To better understand your pet, it is useful to study its nature, habits and in no case equalize it to yourself. Give it a try and parenting will not seem so difficult!